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Some statements from our graduates.

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Our Students:

DPDurvesh Pathak
December 2018
MSECE Graduate
Cummins Corp, Columbus IN

I choose IUPUI due to its strong engineering programs and the vast research and scholarship opportunities available. IUPUI's affiliation with Purdue University for these programs was also a very key factor that helped me make the decision. Apart from a fostering environment I also got to work on state-of-the-art hardware and software available at IoT collaboratory Lab in ECE which was really fun! There are a lot of fun places to visit. Even though Indy is busy, you can always find peace at the White River waterfront.




Sete ShahSetu Shah
December 2018 MSECE Graduate
Data Scientist, Ginger IO, San Francisco

Having recently graduated from the MSECE program at IUPUI, I can attest to the excellent research opportunities and the guidance provided by various faculty members of the ECE department. Over my two years at IUPUI, 


working with my research advisors helped me learn not only how toperform and publish substantial research, but also led me to great internship and job opportunities. The many course options allows students to explore and flourish areas they are most inclined to. The curriculum strikes the perfect balance of teaching theoretical concepts and practical applications. At the same time, the financial aid provided reduced the economic burden associated with pursuing a graduate degree as an international student. The warmth and helpfulness of the staff made the transition to a new country easier. IUPUI also has the advantage of having a strong engineering program offered by Purdue in the urban setting of Indianapolis. Every aspect of my MS experience has only been positive, engaging and rewarding.



Ishita Verma
Senior Software Engineer, Box Inc, Redwood City HQ. 

I carry deep gratitude for the Purdue ECE department, and scholarships and fundings, such as the Bepko

Scholarship and Fellowship for launching me into a successful early career in Silicon Valley and giving me the knowledge and tools that I apply every day. The meticulous research training and experience, starting from my first semester till the last, taught me decision making, and building and communicating solutions from the principles, continuous advancement within the discipline, an innovative outlook, and working contemporaneously with a cutting-edge industry and academia. Equally significant was the personally affirming welcome, support, and guidance that I received from professors, staff and other students, which shaped my early years as a young adult in a foreign country- from the first day when my Bepko director picked me from the airport to my last day graduating and beyond, guided by Dr. King. I am forever convinced, in that I try to pass similar mentorship and support to other students joining the industry, at my work, grasping how influential it can be for a young person's academic and professional success.



Mariya Ali
May 2018 MSECE Graduate
Software Development Engineer, IBM

Coming to IUPUI back in 2016 was the first time I was away from

home; little did I know that I'd not only end upmaking a career during my time as a graduate student in the ECE dept but also find myself a family. The professors and staff in the department genuinely care about your growth and success. The knowledge and education I gained in classes by Dr. Zina Ben Miled, Dr. Mohamed El Sharkawy, Dr. King, and many more is what helped me make a path for myself in the industry. Being able to learn from the real life experiences of the professors at my Alma Mater is something I'll always be grateful for. Along with a variety of choices and well balanced coursework, the ECE dept also provides financial aids and employment opportunities to many. Highly recommend ECE at IUPUI to anyone who is considering to pursue a master's degree in the field.


Akash Sunil Gaikwad,
December 2018 MSECE Graduate
Embedded software developer Hughes Network

As a Master's student at IUPUI, I had access to a gamut of interesting courses and research opportunities, which challenged me to pursue different aspects of computer engineering in depth! The IoT lab emphasis on research that allows students to apply and build upon what we learn while studying. My experience at the IoT lab has been invaluable to my professional development. I really enjoyed my time at the IUPUI. After graduation, I'll be working as an Embedded software developer at Hughes Network, Germantown, MD. To any aspiring student, I would recommend the IoT lab and ECE department to take advantage of this wonderful environment. Your Masters or Ph.D. is once in a lifetime experience!
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