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Undergraduate Advising and Resources

Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering!

Below are a few FAQs to help you make the most of the resources available to you.  

Advising & Appointments

Email advising questions and requests to ECE Undergrad Advising at

How do I make an appointment?

  • If you were provided a scheduling link, use that link to access EAB SSC Campus.
  • If you do not have a link follow the steps below.
    • Log onto
    • Search and select “EAB SSC Campus
    • Click on “Get Assistance” on the top right
    • Select “Advising” as your appointment type
    • Select "Academic Advising" as your category
    • Select "Meet with my Advisor(s)" as your reason
    • Select "School of Engineering & Technology" as your location
    • Select Jane Simpson as your advisor if it does not default to your ECE advisor

Appointments last 20 minutes

Appointments are held in the ECE office, SL 160.

Who needs academic advising?

  • Everyone!  The main goal of advising is to help you routinely take inventory of your academic progress and career plans, ensuring that you are on the right path to maximize success in your education and future career.
  • Holds -- You must meet with me before registering if you have one of these Engineering & Technology holds on your record:
    • V00: Academic Probation with impact
    • V03: Advising  
    • V05: Administrative
    • V06: Academic Probation

When is a good time for academic advising?

  1. After the registrar releases the semester class schedule, but before your registration date is the best time to plan your schedule.
  2. Plan ahead!  Don’t wait until two or three weeks before the beginning of a semester.  It is a very busy time for everyone, and your classes may already be full.

How do I prepare for an advising appointment?

  1. Review your EE or  CmpE plan of study (POS) and your academic advising report (AAR).
    1. Double check the courses you need.
    2. Verify pre- and co-requisite courses.
    3. Make a list of classes you plan to take. Bring this to your appointment.
      1. Remember - Spring-only courses are ECE 25500, 20800, 28200, and 38200; Fall-only courses are ECE 31100, 36500, and 44000.
    4. Make a note of questions and concerns. Bring this to your appointment.

What advising options are available?

  1. Face-to-face advising
    1. Required for your first appointment with the ECE advisor (V05 Administrative Hold). 
    2. Required if you have an advising or probation hold (V03 Advising Hold or V06 Academic Probation).
    3. Required to receive permission to register for ECE 20200, ECE30200, or ECE48700.
    4. Anytime you prefer a face-to-face advising meeting.
  2. E-advising and advising by phone
    1. For your convenience, you can request a phone appointment or email your questions for many issues. 
    2. Email
    3. Include your University ID number.
    4. Use your official university email only.
  3. Walk-in advising
    1. Limited to 10 minutes each.
    2. For short, specific questions.  Please make an appointment for questions related to academic planning and scheduling your next semester.
    3. On a "first come, first served" basis.

Program Maps

The program Maps are useful for enrollment planning. They include pre- and co-requisites, grade requirements, and scheduling constraints based on ECE policies.


Use these links to access lists of electives that can be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Grade Replacement

If you have repeated a course and would like to have your grade replaced, read about the grade replacement policy.  

Follow these instructions to submit the grade replacement form. Your advisor's signature is not required.


Students must submit an application for graduation by the deadline below.  To access the online graduation application, as well as information about the commencement ceremony, go to E&T Graduation Information.

  1. May graduation deadline: October 15

  2. August graduation deadline: January 15

  3. December graduation deadline: May 15

What are some other useful, web-based resources?

IUPUI Student Central – academic and final exam calendars, schedule of classes, bursar info, financial aid, etc.

ECE Courses – course descriptions, pre- and co-requisite courses, sample syllabi.

Research Opportunities – link to information and applications for undergraduate research opportunities.

Career Services

  1. Job Postings
    1. MyCCO - Purdue West Lafayette
    2. E&T Careers
  2. Resources for the Job Hunt - Resumes, Interviews, Networking...