Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

ENT Certificates

Construction Management Certificate 
This certificate is designed to provide educational opportunities for those who have a need to enhance their construction management skills and techniques. The certificate provides an opportunity to learn estimating, pricing, bidding, planning, scheduling, and contract administration, and computer applications in construction management.

Motorsports Engineering Technology Certificate 
There are two motorsports technology certificates, both providing a series of fundamental, hands-on motorsports/automotive related courses. One option is for students majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology and the second option is for students majoring in Electrical or Computer Engineering Technology. While these are stand-alone certificates, it is best if combined with an engineering or engineering technology program such as Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Certificate in Architectural and Interior Design Graphics
The fields of architecture and interior design are extremely interrelated.  Both require practitioners to sustain specific skill sets relative to computer-aided drafting, BIM and graphics for the purpose of communicating design ideas to the public.  In an age of progressive technology, it is difficult for design professionals to stay abreast of the modern techniques and software programs which are needed to compete in a market flooded with fresh talent.  This certificate will offer entry level training to out of date design professionals, or any individual wishing to augment their existing skill sets with the latest design related software applications.

Sustainable Technologies Certificate
Green jobs are rapidly being created as the economy begins embracing sustainable, energy efficiency, and low-carbon practices. The driving forces behind the development of green jobs are businesses wishing to maintain cutting edge technology, become more energy efficient, while lowering their carbon foot print, or becoming entirely carbon neutral. The governments of the world, the U.S. being one of them, support these developments through initiatives including: federal funding, subsidies, tax reform, and carbon markets. This certificate is designed to address a growing need for professionals who can contribute to the green global workforce with knowledge in sustainable practices in current technologies. The Sustainable Technologies Certificate will be beneficial to students who want to acquire knowledge in areas of renewable energies, green building, and sustainable design, and who may want to pursue a career in a sustainable technology. All of the Sustainable Technologies Certificate courses will be offered online. Students are required to successfully complete a total of 6 courses (18 credit hours) to earn the certificate. No more than 6.0 units of transfer credit can be applied towards this certificate.

Medical Device Cybersecurity Certificate
Learn about medical device vulnerabilities, threat detection, and risk mitigation through this online technical training. Coursework focuses on clinical applications of networks with respect to medical device interoperability, physiological data acquisition, and medical device protection. Emphasis is on the medical devices utilized in patient care such as monitors, anesthesia machines, intravenous pumps.  Hands on experiences through virtual laboratories allow participants to explore medical device cybersecurity without traveling to campus.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two proven methodologies for improving total organization performance through systematic and continuous process improvement.  Most Fortune 100 companies have implemented Six Sigma, and this certificate will be well received by employers.  The courses are best matches for MET and EET majors, but anyone is encouraged to pursue this certificate.  The certificate includes taking two courses: IET 36400 (3cr.), IET 45400 (3cr), and independent project plus IET49900 (1cr) LSS Project Seminar course.