Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Technology as an Applied Instrument

MUS- F 400 / 1-2 Cr.

This course consists of 15 lessons, 30 minutes each, focused on developing musical and accurate rhythmic practices with music technology as the primary instrument.  This semester utilizes the combination of a touch-sensitive MIDI Push Controller (MPC) with a personal computer/DAW as the student’s instrument.  Throughout the course, there will be many opportunities for individual student assessment of techniques.  These lessons are a way to provide students with more direct assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, and goals. 


Required: Personal Laptop Portable audio interface (Minimum) 4x4 touch-sensitive MP Controller (recommendations provided) Ableton Live Standard (Suite recommended) Metronome (within Ableton is preferred)

  • Develop a secure and proper technique
  • Learn efficient and effective practice methods
  • Develop overall musicianship and musicality
  • Utilized music theory knowledge as it applies to instrument instruction
  • Demonstrate performed rhythmic proficiency and accuracy

    1 (b) Comprehend, interpret, and analyze ideas and facts.

    3 (a) Integrate and apply knowledge to enhance their personal lives.

    3 (d) Integrate and apply knowledge to work across traditional course and disciplinary boundaries.

    4 (a) Show substantial knowledge and understanding of at least one field of study.

    4 (b) Compare and contrast approaches to knowledge in different disciplines.

    6 (b) Explore, understand, and cultivate an appreciation for beauty and art.