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IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology

Dean's Industrial Advisory Council

Message from the Chair

Dear Industry Partners and Friends,

As the School of Engineering and Technology has grown in size and stature, so too has the Dean’s Industry Advisory Council matured and established itself as a key resource for the School. The School has extended its reach beyond Indianapolis and Central Indiana.  In 2014 the DIAC will develop and implement a plan to expand beyond its traditional region.  This will be accomplished while maintaining the collegial and cooperative relationships that DIAC members enjoy.

The role filled by the Dean’s Industrial Advisory Council is critically important to the School.  The on-going, two-way dialog enabled by the relationship between the School and the DIAC members provides significant recommendations that guide School policies, identifies future industry needs, and allows the school to better serve the community in its teaching, research and engagement mission. Further, the DIAC is in full support of the School’s strategic plan themes:  compete at the highest levels, strive for excellence, and enhance the image and reputation of the School.  

More than thirty high-level decision makers representing some of the biggest players in our local, state and national economy serve the DIAC through a three-year appointment by IUPUI Chancellor Charles R. Bantz and Dean David Russomanno. We encourage each member to be involved at the committee level to enhance relationships between board members and faculty.  As chair, I thank each of these corporations and their representatives for their service.

The DIAC website is the most comprehensive source of DIAC information.  Information about current DIAC initiatives, their evaluation, strategic planning and upcoming meetings is found at this website.

I have served on the DIAC for nearly seven years and have seen many changes in the members and the companies. I am happy to report that the current DIAC companies and their representatives remain very engaged with IUPUI and the goals of the DIAC.

Frank St. John

2014 DIAC Chair

IUPUI Graduate in Engineering 1973