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These activities support IGD Welcoming Campus Initiative Objective #1: Increased campus engagement with sustained dialogues that promote an inclusive campus and foster cultural diversity and social justice.

Conflict Management and Dialogue Skills Training, LGBTQ+ Center Student Ambassadors: This training focuses on teaching skills and practical knowledge related to conflict management and dialogue facilitation to support student ambassadors in their efforts to welcome visitors to the LGBTQ+ Center, advocate for LGBTQ+ interests, and facilitate meetings and dialogues on related issues and topics.

“Talking About Race, Religion, and Politics on Campus,” – Critical Conversation Session and Conference Workshop: This Critical Conversation lunch-time event on Wednesday, December 6, will provide perspectives for appropriate engagement in conversations on critical and controversial topics for faculty and staff to consider in their work, the classroom, and on campus generally. It will include among other topics perspectives on free speech, parameters for such conversations in the workplace, and policies pertaining to employee political engagement at IU.  Dan Griffith will be facilitating a similar workshop on this topic at the national conference of the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) on September 16, 2017 in San Diego, CA.

Tunnel of Oppression Post-Experience Dialogue for Themed Learning Community “The Science of You and Me” (Psy-B 203 Ethics and Diversity in Psychology): After walking through the Tunnel of Oppression on November 8, 2017, students in this Themed Learning Community will participate in a short dialogue using IGD principles to process their experiences. They will further consider how the experience informs their views and commitments to issues of social justice, equity, and inclusion. 

Critical Conversation on Religion, Tradition and Spiritualty (or Not) – Post-Dialogue Reflections: This lunch-time event on Wednesday, December 6 will provide attendees the opportunity to learn from facilitators and participants of the recently concluded “Dialogue on Religion, Tradition and Spirituality (or Not).”  These reflections will encourage participants to consider how they may support a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all campus constituents irrespective of their religious beliefs or faith traditions (or lack thereof).

Intergroup Dialogue Introductory Workshop (spring, 2018): This three-hour workshop will provide an overview of the IGD four-stage dialogue model.  Participants will experience a shortened version of the sustained dialogue model. They will be encouraged to consider how they may apply their learning to support a welcoming, inclusive campus through dialogue and civil discourse.

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