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IGD Welcoming Campus Initiative Objective #4: Better informed campus units on issue of social justice and identity so they can develop more effective diversity plans and move toward collective action for change.

Supporting School Strategic Diversity Planning Efforts with the IGD Unit Engagement Model: The Office of Intercultural Literacy, Capacity and Engagement will support the diversity strategic planning efforts of IUPUI Schools through facilitating dialogue processes for school diversity planning committees, using the IGD Unit Engagement Model.  This model is intended to help school diversity planning committee members deepen their conversations and therefore their goal setting to support more diverse and inclusive policies and practices within their schools.  

Supporting Faculty efforts to implement IGD with the IGD Hot Topic Faculty Guide: The IGD Community of Practice created a response guide for faculty members who are working with IGD to help create a safe space for students to grapple with real-world discrepencies while building relationships through dialogue. 

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