TECH 104

Technical Graphics Communication

Instructor: Professor Doug Acheson / 274-4186 / Office: ET201E /

Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday (12:30 - 2:30) & Tuesday (5:00 - 7:00) / Call, email or drop in for an appointment

TECH 104 Technical Graphics Communication (3 cr.) Class 2, Lab 2. This course is an introduction to the graphic language used to communicate design ideas using CAD. Topics include sketching, multiview drawings, auxiliary views, pictorial views, working drawings, dimensioning practices, and section views.

TECH104 is an introductory course in technical graphics communications for engineering technologists. This course is designed as an introduction to the standard practices used to graphically communicate technical ideas using sketching and CAD (Computer-aided drafting). You will learn how to create and graphically communicate three-dimensional objects. Topics to be covered include: Sketching, 3-Dimensional modeling, Pictorial & Multiview Drawings, Auxiliary and Section views, Working Drawings w/Dimension and Tolerance practices applied.

Weekly Schedule




OBJECTIVES _______After this course, you will be able to: REQUIRED EQUIPMENT
1. Create sketches of technical ideas and problem solutions. 1. Mechanical pencil: .5mm, H or HB lead w / Eraser
2. Create orthographic views of 3 dimensional objects. 2. Flash Drive for file storage (Please label w/name & phone #)
3. Create pictorial drawings of 3 dimensional objects. 3. Texts:

4. Extract section & auxiliary views from primary views.

Introduction to Graphics Communications for Engineers, (4rd Edition) Bertoline, 2009. McGraw - Hill

5. Add dimensions and tolerances using standard practices.


6. Use AutoCAD to generate three-dimensional models. 4. 1/4" Orthographic (above) and 1/4" Isometric Grid Paper

ATTENDANCE POLICY:    Classes meet twice a week; 1 hr.-40 min. lecture/demo (Wednesday 3:00 - 4:40) & a 1 hr.-40 min. CAD lab.  Attendance is required at all sessions and will be taken.  No more than two absences are allowed for any reason. (See ET Pandemic Procedures).  A 3rd absence will result in a 10% reduction of your final grade.  Four absences will result in a 20% reduction of your final grade.  Five absences = 30% reduction and six absences will result in failure of TECH104.

GRADING:    Course grades are based on a percentage of total accumulated points of the following items: Written Midterm Exam = 100 pts. / Midterm Lab Practical = 100 pts. / Written Final Exam = 100 pts. / Final Lab Practical = 100 Points / Weekly quizzes = 10 points each / Sketching assignments = 10 pts. each / CAD lab problems = 10 - 20 pts. each. All lab problems must be turned in the following week after they are assigned.  Prior notice must be given in the event of a time conflict with test times and dates. Upcoming lecture outlines and assignments will be posted on the web. Compiling and reviewing these will assure success on tests and quizzes.

96.6 % = A+ 93.3 %= A 90% = A- 86.6% = B+ 83.3 %= B 80 %= B- 76.6 %= C+ 73.3 % = C 70 %= C- 66.6 %= D+ 63.3 %= D 60 %= D-

ACADEMIC HONESTY:    You are expected to follow the standards set forth in the Student Handbook as to academic honesty. Specifically, assignments are to be completed by the individual student unless it is a group assignment. Plagiarism of assignments will be considered a major violation of the Student Code of Honor and will result in failure of TECH 104. (See Academic Integrity).

WITHDRAWALS:    If for any reason, you cannot complete this course, you must formally drop the course.  Failing to drop the course officially will receive a grade of "F" (If coursework is at or below an "F").  (See Registrar Academic Calendar).

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!  -UCOL classified Freshman students CANNOT drop more than one course per semester.  (See Drop Limits Policy).


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