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B.S. Computer Science, Purdue University, 1970.

M.S. Computer Science, Purdue University, 1971.

Ph.D. Computer Science, Purdue University, 1974.


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Chair and Professor, Department of Computer Technology, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (third-tier ranking in current U.S. News ranking)
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  • 1975-78 Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Management, Purdue University, Lafayette/West Lafayette, Indiana
  • 1978-88 Department Head, Computer Technology, School of Technology, Purdue University
  • 1988-90 Professor, Computer Technology, Purdue University
  • 1990-92 Director, Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
  • 1993-95 Senior Fellow, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
  • Temporary appointments

  • 1986-88 Executive Director, INdiana TELEcommunications NETwork (INTELENET) Commission
  • 1993 Corporate liaison, Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
  • 1993 Consultant, National Computer Board, IT2000 Education Sector Programme
  • 1996-now Associate member, Information Technologies Laboratory, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Hawaiian Electric Company (summers during high school & college)
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