% This M-file will serve as an example for how you should compose
% your homework script files.
% For each script you must privide a "header" which describes in detail
% what the script is meant to do and how to use it. Anytime you want to 
% write comments within your script you need to place a "%" at the start
% of the line so MATLAB knows not to execute what you've typed.
%            Script PS1_p4.m
%            This script executes the equations given in problem #2 of PS1
%            Always a good idea to start w/a clean slate so before typing any commands
%            it's always a good idea to 
%            Now we'll start the script file
%            The first thing we need to do is assign values for consants
%            If you forget to put a ";" at the end of your command then, just
%            like at the command line, MATLAB will echo the result.
t = 2.5; x = 4.3; y = 15.25; z = 8.2;
% Evaluate expressions M,N,O,P from problem #2
M = 4*x^2 + 3*y + 10;
N = exp(2*x) + x;
O = sqrt(1/(x+y) + 1/(t+z));
P = 4*exp(-x/2)*sin(pi*x);


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