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Dr. Jing Zhang's Materials and Manufacturing Laboratory

Dr. Jing Zhang's research interests are broadly centered on understanding the processing-structure-property relationships in advanced ceramics and metals for optimal performance in application, and identifying desirable processing routes for its manufacture. To this end, the research group employs a blend of experimental, theoretical, and numerical approaches, focusing on several areas, including:

1. Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships: thermal barrier coating, solid oxide fuel cell, hydrogen transport membrane, lithium-ion battery

2. Physics-based Multi-scale Models: ab initio, molecular dynamics (MD), discrete element models (DEM), finite element models (FEM)

3. Coupled Phenomena: diffusion-thermomechanical properties

4. Additve Manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing: AM materials characterization, AM process (Direct Metal Laser Sintering, DMLS) models

Featured research videos ( Youtube link )

Multi-scale multi-physics modeling of metal 3D printing process:

3D printing of ceramics using in-house designed 3D printer:

Dendritic growth simulation:


1. Dr. Jing Zhang is organizing a symposium "Modeling and Simulation in Additive Manufacturing: Materials Design, Property Prediction, and Process Control" , in Materials Science & Technology 2017 (MS&T17) in Pittsburg, PA (web link). Dr. Zhang will also edit a special issue entitled "Recent Advances in Additive Manufacturing" in Progress in Additive Manufacturing (Springer) for the symposium.

2. Dr. Jing Zhang is the guest editor of Special Issue on Advanced Coatings for Energy and Environmental Applications: Design, Processing, Properties, and Performance in Elsevier journal Surface and Coatings Technology (web link). Manuscript submission deadline: July 1, 2016


Jing Zhang
Dr. Jing Zhang
Associate Professor
723 W Michigant Street
SL 260H
Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA
E-mail: jz29 *AT* iupui *DOT* edu
Tel: 317-278-7186 (O), 317-274-9741 (Lab)

Group News

(August 2017) Dr. Zhang was awarded a grant on developing ceramic 3D printing technique for metal casting mold.

(August 2017) Dr. Zhang received the Wisner-Stoelk Outstanding Faculty Award. Congratulations!

(June 2017) Linmin received the Purdue Research Foundation PRF doctoral research award. Congratulations!

(May 2017) Dr. Zhang published a new book "Advanced Ceramic and Metallic Coating and Thin Film Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications"

(April 2017) Nishant received the Poster Award in 2017 IUPUI Student Research Day for his research "Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Molds for Sand Casting", Congratulations!

(April 2017) Sugrim and Nishant both received the NSF Student Travel Award to attend and present in POWDERMET2017 and AMPM2017 conference in Las Vegas. Congratulations!

(March 2017) The IUPUI electric snowmobile team (faculty mentor: Dr. Jing Zhang) won fourth place at the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. media coverage

(Mardch 2017) Dulus Owen received award from the DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) Program. Congratulations!

(March 2017) Brandon Watson received the IUPUI Top 100 award the 2017 IUPUI Top 100 award . Congratulations!

(February 2017) Dr. Zhang received the 2017 Kathryn J. Wilson Award for Outstanding Leadership and Mentoring of Undergraduate Research. The award is for "an individual who has made significant contributions promoting undergraduate research at lUPUl."

(December 2016) Xingye Guo received the prestigious International Thermal Spray Association (ITSA) Scholarship for his thermal barrier coating studies. Congratulations! "Since 1991, the ITSA Scholarship Program has contributed to the growth of the thermal spray community, especially the development of new technologists and engineers." "Up to two one-year scholarships worth $2,000 each may be awarded each year."