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Table of contents

Lecture 2 Development Environment


Assembler Labels

Opcodes and Operand Fields

Comment Field

Numerical Constants

Char and string Constants


Location Counters

Assembler Storage Directives

AD: dc.b

AD: dc.w

AD: ds.b

AD: equ


Exercise (cont)

Slide 17

Lab 2.1 : Part 1- Assembler Directives

Lab 2.1 (Part 1 - cont)

Lab 2.1 : Part 2

Lab 2.1 : Part 3

Program Sections

Slide 23

AD: switch

Quiz: Operands

Quiz: Operands (cont)


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Linker Command File Keywords

lkf example

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Integrated Development Environment –Cosmic IDEA12 GUI

Creating a New Project

Source Files

Save Files and Project

Linker Configuration

Sample Project

Output File

Link Config GUI

Compiling and Linking


Other Features

Builder Configuration

I/O Ports

Lab 2.2 : Assembler, Linker and Debugger, and I/O ports

Lab 2.2 (cont)

Lab 2.2 (cont 2)

Lab 2 (cont 3)

Lab 2.2 (cont 4)


Macro Example

Macro Arguments

Macros: Defining Labels in

Slide 54

Lab 2.3 : Macros


Tip 2

Tip 3

Linker Command File

First Project

Author: Richard Pfile and Stanley Chien

Edited by: Sarah Koskie, Fall 2003