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Linker Command File


The input files that are to be linked are normally specified in the linker command file (file.lkf). The only files that need be specified on the linker command line are the linker command file and executable output file. The output file extension for this linker is .H12. The linker output file has information such as a symbol table that can be useful during debugging.
A command line could look as follows:
clnk myfile.lkf –o myfile.h12
The output file is myfile.h12 while the file myfile.lkf is a linker command file that will list input object files, libraries, and destination addresses.

Other useful switches that can be put on the command line are:
-e Log errors to a text file. Filename specified after the switch.
-m Produce map file information. Filename specified after the switch.
-v Be verbose.
The map file contains addresses of symbols in the program.