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Lecture 10 I/O

Types of I/O

1: Sensory input

Conceptual input port circuit

A/D conversion

A/D pins

conv. techniques

Parallel converters

Counter type converters

S-A converters

HC12 (ATD)

ATD control regs

Input & Result regs

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2: control output

Conceptual circuit for an output port

D/A conversion circuit


Direct and MM I/O

MM vs. Direct I/O

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Reconfig'able I/O circuits

I/O chip config info

Ex: Config 68HC12 Port A

E10.1. Output port config

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3: I/O for data xfer

Parallel data xfer

Handshaking for asynchronous data transfer

Simple strobe

Single handshaking

Double handshaking

Implementation of handshaking

Software polling implementation of double handshaking (sender)


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Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

Authors: Richard Pfile, Stanley Chien, Sarah Koskie