ECE595, Section 7 Homework Assignments

Fall 2005

  • Assignment 1:   given in lecture August 30, 2005, due in lecture September 8, 2005.
      Problems:   B-2-1, B-2-(4-5), B-2-(7-11), B-2-14, B-2-16  (pp. 70–73)

  • Assignment 2:   posted September 13, 2005, due in lecture September 29, 2005. (postponed from September 22nd)
      Problems:   B-3-2, B-3-4, B-3-8, B-3-(11-12), B-3-(16-17), B-3-20, B-3-22, B-3-27  (pp. 166 – 172)

  • Assignment 3:   posted September 22, 2005, due in lecture October 11, postponed from October 4, 2005.
      Problems:   B-4-(2-3), B-4-9, B-4-11, B-4-16, B-4-18  (pp. 288 – 292)

  • Assignment 4:   posted October 4, 2005, due in lecture October 13, 2005
      Choose an example of each of the four filter types described in today's handout: low-pass, high-pass, bandpass, and stop-band filters. Use Matlab to compare the results of using the 7 different transformation methods of section 4.2 of the previous handout on each of these four examples. Compare (on a single plot for each filter) the frequency response (Bode plot) as well as the (again a single plot per filter so you can compare the curves) step response of your discrete-time filters obtained using the seven transformation methods. Make sure that you have used different line types for the different traces and included a legend. Comment on the results. Include your matlab code in addition to the plots and comments in your write-up.

  • Assignment 5:   posted November 15, 2005, due in lecture November 22, 2005.
      Problems:   B-5-14, B-5-21, B-5-22, B-5-23, B-5-24  (pp. 374 – 376)

  • Assignment 6:   posted November 15, 2005, due in lecture November 29, 2005.
      Problems:   B-6-1, B-6-2, B-6-3, B-6-13, B-6-15  (pp. 510 – 515)

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