Tech 102 Course Syllabus

Course Number: Tech 102
Section: V360
Room: LY 3001
Day: Thursday
Hours: 2:30 to 3:45 p.m.
Credit Hours: 1
Instructor: Rob Wolter
Phone: 278-2379
Office: ET 309C
UC Advisor: Andrew Hays
Phone: 278-2667
Office: LY 3016
Librarian: Carol Withers
Phone: 274-0412
Office: UL 2140F

Course description: The course is designed to enable students with the skills required to be successful in college. The primary goal is to retain the first semester college student in the university community by building a link from past educational experiences to current educational opportunities.

Course goal: The student will learn the skills required for success in college.

Course Objectives:

Course methodology:

This is an experiential learning course. You will learn from your experiences within and outside of the classroom. The reaming experience will be somewhat structured and lectures will be delivered on pertinent subject matter. Lectures will not be the major classroom activity. Classroom exercises and computer lab experiences will supplement the learning. Students are responsible for taking notes and reading the handouts.


Grade criteria: On-time Attendance - is required for every class and is worth 10 points every time it is taken. There is potential for up to 150 points. Excessive absence (i.e. three or more) will result in the loss of a letter grade. Please advise the instructor of any extenuating circumstances.

Journal - is an opportunity for you to record important events that occur in your first semester. It should include your reactions to the reaming process and events that occur in and outside of the classroom. If you want to motivate yourself, find out what makes you "tick," learn why you do what you do, and learn about you; the journal is your opportunity to produce a reflexive evaluation of your personal attempts to improve your scholastic performance. The ability to reflect on experience is a key to personal development. Writing your journal will help you learn about yourself. It will help you grow yourself. A rather noble thing to do, don't you think?

Your journal should contain the sum total of your internal reactions to the lectures, assignments, and activities. It should be a narrative of your experiences in this class. It should summarize your thoughts on the application of what is covered in class and in the text. There are a variety of ways to organize your journal. One suggestion would be to segment your analysis by separating observational data from interpretations. The journal should be typed or word-processed.

Because the journal is important it is worth 50 points.

Assignments - a variety of assignments will be given throughout the semester. Assignments may be given in class or via e-mail (check your e-mail regularly) and will be assigned a due date. Exercises will not be accepted late. Point values are variable and will be announced. Paper - a short five-page paper is required. Criteria for the paper will be distributed and discussed in the first half of the semester. The paper is an opportunity for the student to use the services of the library and the reaming center to better prepare for future university writing assignments. The paper is worth 100 points.

Quizzes - will be given throughout the course. They are not announced in advance and may not be made up. The quizzes will cover material (assigned and discussion) from previous classes. Quizzes are worth 20 points each.

Tests - there will be two tests. One will be given at mid-term and the other will be a final exam. The tests will not be comprehensive, but will require an understanding of the material and discussions covered in class. Tests may be made up if permission is obtained in advance of the test. Test dates are on the syllabus and it is the student's responsibility to make note of the test date and be present. Tests are worth 100 points each.

Extra credit- may be obtained by attending university-sponsored lectures and seminars. Please check with your instructor before attending. Your instructor will provide you with details related to obtaining the extra credit.  Signed attendance slips and/or a brief write-up of the event may be required for you to earn extra credit.

Peer Evaluation -

Letter Grades- are determined by a percentage of the sum of points available from attendance, journal, paper, quizzes, assignments, and two exams.

Grades will be assigned as follows:

100% to 97 A+ 79.99 to 77 C+
96.99 to 93 A 76.99 to 73 C
92.99 to 90 A- 72.99 to 70 C-
89.99 to 87 B+ 69.99 to 67 D+
86.99 to 83 B 66.99 to 60 D
82.99 to 80 B- 59.99 to 0 F

TECH 102 Syllabus/Schedule

No. Date Topic Activity Next Assignment
1   Course overview
UC Advisor
Student Mentor
Lecture on the Learning Community Obtain UITS e-mail account
2   Time Management Carmen's week exercise Plan personal schedule
3   Learning styles Learning style inventory  
4   E-mail and personal groups Quiz and  E-mail in computer lab
  1. Make a personal group
  2. Send message requesting code word
  3. Turn in exercise
5   Personal review or "How I'm doing so far" Lecture Bring in journal for Tech 102 and Ols 225 review
6   Review and discuss journals
World Wide Web use
Prep for paper
Computer lab
Web Scavenger Hunt
This task will take approximately two to four hours
7   Study skills
Test Preparation
Lecture Study all notes and handouts for test
8   Test #1   Think about topic for paper based on a technology taught in the school
9   Writing Center Info
Writing Strategies
Monica Ward 1/2 Hour
Research paper assignment and criteria
Lecture and activity planning
Writing handout
  1. Determine topic for 5-page paper based on a technology taught in the school of E&T
  2. Bring for approval
11   Mind Mapping
E-mail, attaching files
  1. Go to library and make a list of references for the paper 2 book, 2 web, and 2 periodicals
  2. Bring typewritten list to class
12   Tips on Note Taking
Dealing with Stress
  1. Outline the research paper
  2. Visit Writing Center for Feedback on topic and outline
  3. Bring tutoring slip from Writing Center
13   Math Anxiety
Studying Math
Taking Math Tests
  1. Write rough draft of paper
  2. Visit Writing Center for feedback on rough draft
  3. Bring tutoring slip from Writing Center
  4. E-mail paper to instructor as an attachment
14   21 Ways to Succeed in College  
  1. Tech 102 and OLS 252 journal review
16       Final Draft of paper due
17   Final Exam