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Research Projects (Partial List)


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We would like to acknowledge our sponsors:

Office of Naval Research (ONR), Department of Defense (DOD), National Institute of Justice (NIJ), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institute of Health (NIH),  Federal HighWay Administration (FHWA), Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), ToyotaPurdue University, Indiana University, IUPUI, and Indiana University Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research (CACR).

List of Projects (Partial List)

Biometrics                                                                      Transportation Active Safety                      Traffic Monitoring and Classification System

Evaluation of alternatives to noise barrier walls          Workload evaluation                                  Remote sensing and hyperspectral image processing

medical image processing and medical imaging                  Sample undergraduate students' research projects

Biometrics (Automatic human identification) and its applications



   Our research projects include:

  •  Non-cooperative Iris Recognition System

  •  Iris quality measure

  •  Sclera Recognition

  •  Multimodal Eye Recognition

  •  Skin-based human identification

  •  Cancellable biometrics

  •  Consent Biometrics

  •  Biometrics-based cybersecurity

  •  Robust, secured and cancellable biometrics

  •  Biometric Data Safeguarding Technologies Analysis and Best Practices


Transportation Active Safety



Our research projects include:

  •  110-car naturalistic driving data collection for one-year span from March 2012-June 2013. It aims to determine detailed pre-crash scenarios for vehicle-to-pedestrian and vehicle-to-cyclist collisions. This includes research and design of data collection, subject recruiting, equipment set up/installation, logistics of data collection, data copying and archiving, data management, and many other related tasks.

  •  Design and develop automatic pedestrian and cyclist detection system for 110-car naturalist driving data

  •  Design and develop pedestrian and cyclist behavior analysis methods for 110-car naturalist driving data

  •  Automatic visual clutter analysis for 110-car naturalist driving data

  •  Analyze 100-car naturalistic driving data for obtaining crash and near-miss data for pedestrian and cyclist conflicts

  •  Develop test scenarios and mathematical models to simulate crash avoidance and injury mitigation performance of vehicle warning and control systems, and develop test protocols

  •  Test, evaluate, and estimate the benefits of pedestrian & cyclist collision prevention and mitigation systems using real vehicles on test tracks.


Traffic Monitoring and Classification System














Our research projects include:

  •  Video image processing (software)-based automatic vehicle tracking and traffic monitoring.

  •  Design and Develop FPGA-based automatic vehicle tracking and traffic monitoring.


Evaluation of alternatives to noise barrier walls



Our research projects include:

  •  Conduct a synthesis of other DOTs’ traffic noise policies, including standards, specifications, and requirements, particularly current practices, cost-effectiveness measurements and criteria, and alternate measures to traditional sound walls

  •  Design and develop psychoacoustic-based noise barrier effectiveness measurements

  •  Evaluate the alternatives to traditional noise walls

  •  Perform traffic noise and abatement analysis of the LOS and traditional sound walls to be constructed at the interchange of I-465 and Keystone Avenue

  •  Evaluate the performance LOS walls, including construction costs, noise reduction, acoustic properties, structural condition and durability. Recommendations will be made for INDOT Traffic Noise Policy revisions.


Workload evaluation


Our research projects include:

  •  Design and develop a high-resolution eye tracking-based workload evaluation system (hardware and software).

  •  Collect data from Japan for workload data analysis


Remote sensing and hyperspectral image processing


Our research projects include:

  •  Design and develop component analysis-based unsupervised linear spectral mixture analysis for hyperspectral imagery

  •  Design and develop unsupervised spectral target analysis for hyperspectral imagery

  •  Design and develop new hyperspectral discrimination measure for spectral characterization


medical image processing and medical imaging



Our research projects include:

  •  Computer-Assisted Identification of Celiac Ganglia During Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Celiac Plexus Neurolysis (EUS-CPN)

  •  Ca2+ Spark Detection and Classification

  •  MRI imaging

  •  Eye disease research


Sample undergraduate students' research projects




Since jointed IUPUI in 2005, I have supervised over 50 undergraduate students in their senior design projects, multidisciplinary undergraduate research initiative (MURI), diversity scholars research program (DSRP), McNair Student Project, minority student project, and undergraduate research opportunities program (UROP) with my collaborators. These research projects have greatly helped us to collect data, generate preliminary research results, and built important tools. Some of them are show-case systems to the visitors to our lab. I am very impressed by the capabilities and dedications of our undergraduate students to their research projects. Here are some sample undergraduate research projects:

  •  Smart Robot Pet. Student Researchers: Matthew Joseph Ragozzino, Craig Thomas Buchanan, Ahmed Mohammed Jan, Heng Yang, Han-Kyu Moon, Xiang Ren, Terry Isaac, Azize Tunc, and Ilnaz Beigzadeh.

  •  Low-cost 3-D Head Motion Monitoring System. Student researchers: Wes Edens, Andrew Kazacoff, David Griffin, Hai Hong, and Matt Walde.

  •  Low-cost Mobile Video-based Iris Recognition System for Small Databases. Student researchers: N. Luke Thomas, Sriharsha Muttineni, Shing Mang, and Dylan Sran.

  •  Low-cost Multispectral Iris Image Acquisition System. Student researchers: Andres Vasquez, Mustafa Ümit Arabul, and Winfred Asante.
  •  Multimodal Face Expression Detection and Recognition. Student researchers: Craig Belcher, Sophia Vinci-Booher, and Matt Terry.


Partnership and Sponsorship: Over the past several years, we have built collaborations with federal and state government agencies, industries, academia research labs, and international partners. We are always open for new partnerships. Please feel free to contact Prof. Eliza Du if you are interested in sponsoring our projects, working with us in designing and developing new technologies/systems, collaborating with us in research proposals/projects, and/or forming some kind of partnership with our research lab. Email: yidu at iupui dot edu. Phone: +1-317-278-2276. Fax: +1-317-274-4493.

Contact Address: 723 W. Michigan Street, SL 160, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA

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