COURSE:                              MET 211         Class: 3                 Lab: 2                     Credit: 4


TITLE:                                   Applied Strength of Materials


TEXT:                                    Statics and Strength of Materials, 2nd Edition, by Fa-Hwa Cheng

Optional Supplement: Elementary Statics and Strength of Materials by John Jackson and Harold Wirtz, Schaum’s Outline


INSTRUCTOR:                    Professor Jack Zecher:  ET301C / Office Phone: 274-4539 (


PREREQUISITES:            MET 111 – Applied Statics



·        To apply the principles of statics to determine the forces acting on load carrying members.

·        To analyze the stresses in load carrying members due to direct axial tensile and  compressive forces, bearing forces, torsional moments, bending moments, and shear forces.  

·        To determine the deflection of load carrying members due to axial loads, torsional moments, and bending moments.

·        To analyze the combined stressed due to axial forces, bending moments, and torsional moments acting together.

·        To apply the principles of strength of materials to design load carrying members of machines and structures to insure safety and adherence to performance standards.


GRADING:                           3 Exams @ 100 pts each                                                                      = 300 pts

                                                Final Exam                                                                                             = 150 pts

                                                4 Quizzes @ 25 pts each                                                                     = 100 pts

                                                10 out of 12 homework problems @ 5 pts each                               =   50 pts

                                                8 lab projects @ 100 pts each, ´ 25%                                               = 200 pts

                                                Total possible points                                                                          = 800 pts


EXAMS:                                 Will be 75 minutes long, problem solving tests (similar to homework problems). The final exam will be 120 minutes in length.  They will be closed book and closed notes.  A formula sheet will be provided.  A copy of the formula sheet will be posted in the course bulletin board prior to the exam.


HOMEWORK:                      Problems will be assigned at the end of nearly every lecture.  Solutions to these problems must be done on green engineering graph paper using the format of problems displayed on the course bulletin board.  Twelve times throughout the semester a problem will be randomly selected to be turned in for a grade at the beginning of class.  Late homework will not be collected.  Problems must be neatly written and show all work leading up to the final answer.  The two lowest homework grades will be dropped.  Solutions to most homework problems not discussed in class will be placed in the course bulletin board.


ATTENDANCE:                    Students are expected to be present for every meeting of every class in which they are enrolled because learning is enhanced through active discussion, demonstration and practice of the topics being studied.  You are responsible for all completed work,  schedule adjustments and assigned work addressed during class.  Please inform your instructor if you are unable to attend any scheduled class session, and obtain notes from a fellow student for any missed lecture/lab.  It is your responsibility to make arrangements for any planned or unplanned absences (i.e. interviews, illnesses, personal emergencies, etc.) 


CLASS PROTOCOL:                The department expects all students to follow the established standards of academic integrity in its courses.  Cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will result in an F for the course, expulsion from the class, and possible university discipline.


                                                No derogatory comments about or towards any member of the class will be tolerated in any class or lab session.  Please refrain from the use of cell phones or beepers during class.


KEYS TO SUCCESS:                .Homework:  make sure that you understand how to solve each homework problem by yourself (without help from someone else).  You may need to go back and rework some of the problems that you were unable to solve, after they are presented in class or posted on the bulletin board.

                                                .Study Skills: Stay current / Keep a course notebook / study by yourself and in a group

                                                .Review Prerequisite skills: Statics / Math (Algebra & Calculus)

                                                .Prepare for each class: Work (or try to work) each homework problem / read the material (including any sample problem) that is scheduled to be covered during the lecture before coming to class / plan to spend 2-3hrs. outside of class for every hour of lecture


MET 211                                               Applied Strength of Materials                                          Fall 2002

                                                                   Tentative Course Outline


 Date                                                Lecture Topics                                               

Aug 22                                                9-1 thru 9-5                                               

Aug 27                                                9-7, 10-1 thru 10-4, 10-7                               

Aug 29                                                10-5 thru 10-6                                               

Sept. 3                                                10-8 thru 10-9                                               

Sept. 5                                                11-1 thru 11-6                                               

Sept. 10                                                11-7 and 11-9                                               

Sept. 12                                                Review                                                               

Sept. 17                                                Exam #1                                                               

Sept. 19                                                12-1 thru 12-4                                               

Sept. 24                                                12-5 thru 12-7                                               

Sept. 26                                                13-1 thru 13-4                                               

Oct. 1                                                13-5 thru 13-8                                               

Oct. 3                                                13-9                                                               

Oct. 8                                                Review                                                               

Oct. 10                                                Exam #2                                                               

Oct. 15                                                14-1 thru 14-3                                               

Oct. 17                                                14-4 thru 14-5                                               

Oct. 22                                                15-1 thru 15-3                                               

Oct. 24                                                16-1 thru 16-4                                               

Oct. 29                                                16-5 thru 16-8                                               

Oct. 31                                                Review                                                               

Nov. 5                                                Exam #3                                                               

Nov. 7                                                19-1 thru 19-4                                               

Nov. 12                                                19-5                                                               

Nov. 14                                                18-1 thru 18-2                                               

Nov. 19                                                18-3 thru 18-5                                               

Nov. 21                                                20-1 thru 20-4                                               

Nov. 26                                                20-5 thru 20-7                                               

Nov. 28                 Thanksgiving                 No Class

Dec. 3                                                Review                                                               

Dec. 5                                                Review                                                               


#16 – Final Exam – Tuesday, December 10  -   3:30 – 5:30pm